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South Kensington


START: January 2024


SALARY: Excellent market rate salary depending on your qualifications and experience


 DAYS: Monday to Friday


HOURS: TOTAL = 50 PER WEEK 8am – 6pm


CHILDREN: 8-month-old baby boy



This wonderful family is looking for a calm, kind, and knowledgeable full-time qualified nanny with at least 6 years’ experience working with babies from 8 months to support first time parents who are moving to London in mid-December from the US. The parents are both professional, understanding, and supportive and would like to find a nanny who can guide them with caring for their gorgeous baby son. He will be 8 months in early December and is in a very good, structured routine. They also have two small dogs, but no involvement is needed as they are not always going to be in the home.

They would like a nanny who genuinely loves her job, is interested in early years development and is passionate about working with babies and toddlers. They value a nanny who can offer advice and support, including help with adjusting his routines as he gets older or offering tips and next steps.

Their ideal candidate would have some education in early childhood development and can actively manage their son’s development in terms of his physical and mental abilities. They want somebody who can craft a cohesive plan in terms of his development across a few different areas such as nutrition and meal planning, play - both solo and eventually group, activity planning and his physical development (crawling, walking, etc).


They need someone who can be flexible, hardworking, reliable, and happy to adapt to the parents' needs as they go through their parenthood journey. It is important you are happy to work in partnership with the parents and be comfortable with the mum being around in the first few months as she gets settled into their new life in London and looks for work.

Some attributes that are especially important to them from a nanny is to find someone who is very kind, caring and extremely safety conscious. This means knowing when to help him but also knowing when to let him struggle. This is somebody who enjoys taking an active role in his development to help him grow. Communication is important to them, and they would like to find a nanny who is happy with open communication where everyone can be clear, polite, and direct.

They are also looking for a proactive nanny who can be productive with her time for example when the baby is napping, you will be proactive in doing nursery duties to make life easier for the parents. While the mum is not working for the first few months, she may want to take their son to a weekly activity and during this time they would like their nanny to be happy to use the time to do some weekly meal planning, healthy nutritional cooking for the baby and keep on top of all the supplies that are needed for him. They appreciate someone who has high attention to detail, can be active and is very knowledgeable.


• All nursery duties

• Minimum of 6 years working with babies from 8 months

• Childcare qualifications are highly valued - CACHE level 3 or equivalent, Norland training etc.

Please apply if you are interested in this wonderful full-time position starting in January 2024.

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