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Frequently Asked Questions

Homebodies know everything you need
to know about finding the perfect nanny

What kind of roles do you support with?

We try to attract high calibre nannies; therefore, we only focus on roles that can offer at least 40 hours per week.  Most nannies want to work full time as they need to support themselves and their family. If you work part time, we understand you may not need as many as 40 hours per week so we are happy to discuss your requirements with you and we can try to think out of the box and be creative to make it work for you. Please be aware that if you are looking for an after school nanny only, we will unfortunately not be able to help.


Is there a minimum requirement of experience/qualifications required from your nannies?

There are different types of childcare needs and therefore different types of candidates, each with their own special skill to offer.  At each stage of a child’s life their needs change and we aim to provide childcare solutions focussing from birth up to school age children. Many of our candidates prefer to work with pre-school age children and some have a degree or diploma that covers child development/care of children.  All the candidates we work with have at least 5 years of previous experience supporting babies, toddlers, and young children.  We work with many professional Nannies, Governesses and Maternity Nurses who are qualified to care for your little ones.  


What background checks do Homebodies run on their candidates?

All our candidates will be able to provide the following documents:

  • An up-to-date CV displaying their childcare history

  • Valid Passport &/ or driving license

  • An up-to-date DBS certificate (Police check)

  • An up to date First Aid certificate

  • Degrees & certificates confirming qualifications

  • Proof of eligibility to work within the UK where applicable (Or the correct Passport / Visa to work within the applicable country)

  • References: We also check a minimum of two of the most recent references from previous employers. We prefer to check as far back in work history as possible and will call the referees so we can speak to them in person.


Where do you recruit your nannies from?

Many new candidates approach us via a word-of-mouth recommendation and over the years we have many nannies who will come back to work with us again and again. We also attract nannies through our adverts and website.


How much does a nanny earn?

Salaries vary greatly depending on a candidate’s qualifications, experience and the duties and requirements involved in each role. This is a guide only.

London Live-out Averages: £45,000-£80,000+ annual gross (based on a 10-hour day Monday-Friday). Nannies expect to earn an hourly rate between £14-16 + net, working a minimum of 40 hours per week.

London Live-in Averages: £35,000- £65,000+ annual gross (based on a Monday-Friday position 10-12 hours per day & 2 nights babysitting inclusive of the net wage Monday-Thursday).  Nannies expect to earn a weekly rate between £500-700+ net.

Rota Nannies: These range between £60,000-£100,000+ gross per annum based on the nanny working 24/7 one/two week(s) on/off.

Weekend Nannies: Sole-Charge Live-in £200-250 gross per day

Live-out weekend: £20-30 gross per hour

Maternity Nurses/Night Nannies: £250-£400 + daily gross (single baby)

Outside of the UK: Salaries for Nannies placed abroad vary considerably £700-£1500+ net per week dependant on the requirements of the position & calibre of Nanny.


It is the employer’s responsibility and legal obligation to pay all relevant tax and national insurance deductions as well as contribute towards the auto enrolment pension scheme. We recommend using Nanny Tax, who will manage this for you and you can also refer to their salary calculator to see a breakdown of the costs.

What holiday entitlement are nannies entitled to?


A full-time Nanny (5 day working week) is entitled to 28 paid days holiday per year. This is made up of four weeks standard leave and eight bank holidays, which are paid, giving an annual entitlement of 5.6 weeks

For part-time Nannies, holiday entitlement is calculated in proportion to their hours. A part time Nanny’s annual leave entitlement is ‘pro-rated’.  For example, if a nanny works 4 days per week, their holiday entitlement is 5.6 weeks x 4 days, which is 22.4 days of annual leave.

For more information you can check using this link:

Generally, the employer will select 2 weeks during which the employee is required to take holiday, and the employee may then choose the remaining 2 weeks, with consent from the employer.


Do I need to provide my nanny a contract?

Yes, we have a sample contract which we can provide you with and we can also refer you to our payroll partner nanny tax who will take care of all your payroll needs including creating a bespoke contract for you.


Can my nanny travel with us?

Many families require their nanny to travel on holiday with them or if parents are working abroad. We always recommend you discuss this in advance with your nanny and before offering her the job as not all nannies are able to travel. If you nanny is happy to travel with you, you need to pay her for the extra hours she travels with you as well as compensating her for not being at home. Her working hours may not change but she is not in her own home and able to follow her own routine so this should be considered. Will she be required to sleep with the child/children and if so, will her sleep be disrupted? We can offer advice and support if you require your nanny to travel so you have it all covered.


What will happen if my nanny is not working out well with my family?

If the nanny is not working out and you decide she needs to leave within the first 8 weeks of a permanent Bespoke Engagement (10 weeks for a Premium Bespoke search) or within 2 weeks of a temporary engagement, we will find you a replacement at no additional cost.  We try to avoid this happening and recommend you have a trial period with your nanny after a successful interview so you can see her in action and if you are the right match for each other.


I need 24/7 cover.  Is this the job for a Rota nanny?

Some households require a nanny to support them 24 hours a day for 6 or 7 days per week. If you need this kind of support, you will need to employ two or more nannies who can work on rotation, typically one or two weeks on duty and then off schedule.  The week(s) the nanny/governess is not in duty are her days off.  During this time, she will vacate the home as the other Rota nanny/governess will be in the accommodation provided, unless you have accommodation for more than one nanny. It would be expected the Rota nanny/governess will keep a detailed diary, so the transition is smooth each week and everyone is kept up-to-date and informed about the child/children when they return to duty.  


I have just had a new baby. What can I expect from a Maternity or Night Nanny?

A Maternity Night Nanny will come to your home around 9 or 10:00pm and leave in the morning around 7:00am.  If your baby is being bottle fed, she will prepare any bottles that may be needed overnight and will wash and sterilise any that you may have used during the day.  She will look after your baby overnight; give your baby a bottle of expressed milk or formula while you sleep. She will change the baby’s nappy through the night, wind and settle the baby. In the morning she will make sure that all the bottles are washed and are left sterilising before she leaves.

A Maternity Day Nanny will come to your home and help you with the care of your baby/babies while you either rest or learn from her.  She will feed your baby, change, and settle your baby, help with bath time and bedtime routines, and take your new baby for a walk.  She will take care of the baby’s washing and ironing but any further household tasks that you may require should be agreed at the interview and written into their contract.  A Maternity Day Nanny may also cook you a light lunch and generally assist you.  Hours can be arranged at the time of booking to suit but are usually for a minimum of eight hours daily, up to six days per week.

It is impossible to cover every question that you may have about hiring a nanny so if you have any questions that we have not covered please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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