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Families: Hire a Nanny

At Homebodies, we help you hire a nanny that's hand-selected to fit the needs of your family.   

Do any of these life challenges resonate with you? If so, you are not alone, most caring parents do.

 Are you feeling anxious about your return to work?

Are you looking to hire a nanny for the first time and feel unsure about where to start the process?


Do you work long hours in a demanding job, and you cannot imagine how you can manage?


Does your baby have sleep issues and you are totally exhausted?

Do you have fussy eaters?

Does your child have separation anxiety, and you can’t leave the room without them crying?

Do you ever get time for yourself, to get your hair cut, to exercise or meet up with friends for a coffee or dinner?


Hiring a nanny can alleviate some of these challenges, help you organise your time and bring a wealth of developmental benefits to your child. It can allow you to create a more balanced life around your family and gain time to focus on you. If you’re looking for full-time or live-in nannies, our unique nanny agency can find your perfect match.




Finding your nanny

As a prestige nanny service, we would love to help you hire a nanny who is perfect for your needs - and our unique hiring process does just that. The main thing to know is that we will give you extraordinary attention to help you find the right person to support you and your family, someone with a genuine love and passion for providing nanny care.

Our clients tell us this is the benefit of having their nanny:


“Our nanny has guided us on choosing the right parenting style for our children”


“My nanny is an expert and has supported my baby to reach new developmental milestones”


“She supported me with weaning, sleep training, feeding and toilet training”


“I have time with my partner some evenings and for myself to exercise before I go to work”


“I now have flexibility to work late if I need to or travel”


How we Choose the Perfect Nanny


We run enhanced DBS checks and all our candidates have a Paediatric First Aid certificate. We thoroughly check all references, a minimum of two references are required for each candidate. We support parents throughout the entire employment process including contracts, salary negotiations and all the responsibilities required from parents and candidates.


CV Submitting

Once the candidate has successfully passed our vetting process, you will receive a highly refined hand-selected shortlist of candidates which will include a bio outlining the candidates attributes, core experiences, qualifications, location, soonest starting availability and when possible, include copies of written references and certificates.



We encourage you to interview all the selected nannies, first on Zoom/video or if you prefer, face-to-face.  We will arrange each interview at a time that suits you and the candidate and offer interview support. Once you have selected the candidate or candidates that best suit you after meeting them in person, we will arrange a paid trial period which could last anywhere from half a day to a few days initially.  This is the ideal way to gauge how you all feel about the match before you hire your nanny. You will pay the nanny directly for her time during the trial period and we will advise you on her rate. 


Negotiations and Offers

Once you have met the perfect candidate and want to offer her the job, we will negotiate salary and contract terms.  We can also provide an employment contract and arrange for the contract of employment to be signed by both parties. We understand how busy our clients are and we aim to make the whole process as smooth and quick as possible. So, are you ready to hire a nanny? We’re here to hold your hand every step of the way. 

The best way to get started is to book a call and we can talk everything through - and take the first steps towards finding your perfect match.
You can also email us on

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