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Sabina Borton

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Co-Founder of ESB Consulting - Sabina is a supportive, knowledgeable, and discreet Family Consultant. With over 12 years’ experience as an early-childhood specialist, she has enjoyed a glittering career as a degree-educated Norland Nanny, working with royalty and international UHNW families covering London, Dubai, Monaco, and New York. Sabina now supports soon-to-be parents with her 1:1 antenatal course and Preparing for Baby consultations, as well as being on hand to offer advice and guidance to parents with newborns and toddlers. Her other full-time job is as a mother to her very busy toddler!

Home is?


My family, no matter where we are in the world.



Give us five words that best describe who you are?


Kind, thoughtful, determined, happy, and spirited.


How did you end up doing what you do?


I firmly wanted to have a job which worked around being a present, caring Mother. Setting up our businesses seemed like the sensible thing to do…



What is the best part of what you do?


 No two days are the same. I get some fantastic questions from mums-to-be. I never get tired of cuddling newborn babies!


What was your Plan B?


If Plan A fails, revert back to Plan A.



Professionally, who do you most admire and why?


 My former tutors and mentors from my Norland days are some of the most kick-ass women I have ever met.



What is your view of a ‘balanced life’?


When I feel like I can give my attention to my friends and family, my work, and (on the rare occasion) myself.



What do you do to relax and enjoy yourself in London?


I love to walk our ‘route’ - through Battersea Park, along the King’s Road to Sloane Square, and home. The small things are sometimes the most special.



What is your biggest London extravagance?


Our balcony view over the River Thames – I never get tired of seeing the river flow past our home.



Where is your favourite place in London?


180 The Strand, especially when I can fit in a swim between consultations.

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