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Choosing the Best High-end Nanny Agency in London - What Sets Us Apart

Updated: Jun 28

Nanny and young girl sitting on floor in front of yellow sofa

At Homebodies - a high-end nanny agency in London, we take pride in offering a bespoke service that sets us apart from other service providers. We understand the importance of finding the perfect nanny for your family, and our dedicated approach ensures we address your unique requirements with careful consideration.

From the initial discovery call to the final hiring decision, we follow a detailed step-by-step process. This is to ensure a seamless and personalised experience tailored to your family's needs. So here's what makes us stand out from other nanny agencies in London.

1. We offer a bespoke service

At Homebodies, we provide one-to-one dedicated attention and bespoke service. We follow a detailed step-by-step process when hiring a nanny for your family. In summary, this is what you can expect:

  • Discovery call. We start by discussing your requirements and ensuring a mutual fit.

  • Initial consultation. This is where we delve into your family's lifestyle, parenting style, values, and personalities. We also discuss your children's needs to understand the type of nanny you are looking for. This allows us to get a real feel for your family and understand what's important to you. It also helps you articulate what you need, as we go through the process of asking you detailed questions about the kind of nanny who will fit into your family. Using this thorough approach from the start saves us time later.

  • Looking for the perfect nanny. We conduct a thorough search and pre-screening process based on your requirements. We then match candidates to your family's profile but only ever put forward a small selection of prospective nannies. This is to avoid wasting precious time for you and the nanny.

  • Meeting and interviewing your prospective nanny. We facilitate interviews, gather feedback, and provide support in finalising the hiring decision.

  • Trialling your nanny. We help you organise paid trials to allow you to observe the nanny's interaction with your children before making a final decision. This helps you assess whether the nanny is a good fit for your needs before signing a contract.

  • Hiring your nanny. We facilitate contract discussions and refer you to one of our payroll partners, but also provide ongoing support for you and your nanny once she starts the role.

If you want to find out more about each step in more detail, head over to the blog post Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Nanny in London with Homebodies.

2. We match and hand-select the candidates to the families

Not many agencies will take the time to match and hand-select nanny candidates to you and your individual requirements as a family. Generally speaking, most agencies will look at a short brief from the family, advertise the role to their database, and send the CVs of the first 10 nannies who apply, regardless of whether they are a fit.

Because of this process, families often end up wasting their time. They may not know what to look for in a candidate, but because their requirements haven't been discussed or uncovered, a lot of the nannies that were put forward will turn out to be unsuitable. This, we believe, is not only a cause of frustration for families, but it's also incredibly poor customer service.

This is why we only put forward a small number of hand-selected candidates that we have vetted and interviewed in advance. We carefully advertise each role and match the nannies to the family. For example, to ensure your nanny fits into your lifestyle, we'll look for someone who's worked in a similar household to yours. Whether you have a formal and fully staffed setup or a more informal one, in all cases, your nanny will need to work in a team with you (the parents) and sometimes with other staff too. So we'll always look for the perfect person for the job.

3. We are flexible and accommodating in our approach

We understand that families are busy, and when you hire an agency to look for the perfect nanny, you want them to take the workload off your hands. This is why we offer full flexibility in our approach. We adapt to each family's unique needs and preferences, ensuring a personalised and tailored experience. For example:

  • We offer consultations either on Zoom or face-to-face. This gives choices and options to busy clients, who can choose the mode and duration that suits them best. We are also willing to accommodate shorter or split sessions based on your availability.

  • We provide flexibility in interviewing prospective nannies allowing for in-person or virtual interviews. These will be arranged and conducted at a mutually convenient time (for you and the nanny). Feedback discussions can also happen over various platforms (Zoom, phone calls, or WhatsApp), even during evenings or weekends.

  • At Homebodies, we offer ongoing support. Do you have questions about working with your nanny? Is something not going as you expected, but you don't know how to approach it with your nanny? We can help. We offer continuous support post-hiring - we're available for regular check-ins to assist both you and your nanny throughout the employment. This open communication allows for addressing any issues or making changes as needed such as supporting with annual reviews.

In a nutshell, we are known for our flexibility and personal touch. We are always willing (and excited) to accommodate unique requests, offer custom solutions, and provide ongoing support even after the placement has been made. Client satisfaction and relationship-building are key priorities for us.

Nanny playing with a girl and boy in their play area

4. We are a boutique agency

Homebodies is a high-end nanny agency offering a personalised and tailored service to our clients. Because we prioritise individual attention and hand-selected candidates, we only work with a maximum of 10 families at each given time. We focus on quality over quantity, always ensuring an excellent customer experience.

We only focus on recruiting experienced and professional nannies who meet strict criteria and have excellent references. This is why:

  • We use a database of carefully vetted and highly qualified candidates.

  • We conduct a rigorous screening process for all prospective nannies (including background and reference checks and verification of qualifications.)

This attention to detail ensures that only the most suitable candidates are presented to clients.

As a boutique nanny agency, we also have exclusive partnerships with other service providers, such as payroll companies, sleep consultants, breastfeeding experts, nutritionists, and tutoring agencies. With an extensive network of contacts throughout London (and beyond), we can enhance our overall service offering and provide added value to our clients.

5. We are discreet and prioritise your privacy and confidentiality

We are used to working with high-profile clients. Some families we work with are in the public eye and may need their nanny to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Most of our clients are busy London parents working full-time who want a nanny who understands their lifestyle and needs. That's why we always take utmost care to maintain discretion and confidentiality to protect the family's need for privacy and security. We handle all personal information and the hiring process with the highest level of confidentiality for all our clients.

For example, all communication, documentation, and information relating to the family is handled securely and kept confidential at all times. Details are never shared with unauthorised individuals.

Overall, as a high-profile nanny agency, we prioritise confidentiality, discretion, and professionalism throughout the hiring process, demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding your privacy and security.

6. We are the winners of the 2023 Nanny Agency of Year award

In 2023 we were delighted to be shortlisted by one of our nannies for the Best Nanny Agency award. When we were shortlisted as a finalist, the process involved looking at:

  • What we offer our clients.

  • How well we support our nannies.

  • Our website and social channels.

  • The feedback we receive from clients.

We were delighted to be voted the Best Nanny Agency of 2023, and we're beyond excited to have been nominated for the 2024 award.

Nanny and boy doing high-five playing with blocks on the floor

7. We have lots of great Google reviews!

Numerous positive reviews from satisfied clients contribute to our agency's reputation and credibility. We have a track record of delivering high-quality care and customer satisfaction.

If you want to learn more about our strengths, areas of expertise, and how well we meet the needs and expectations of families seeking nannies, here are a couple of reviews you might enjoy reading.

“Homebodies are fantastic. I was told by other agencies that what I was looking for was very difficult to find. Simone listened very carefully to what I needed, didn't waste my time by sending me inappropriate matches, and found THE perfect person for me (which has been quite simply life-changing!). She carefully guided me through the whole process and since our nanny started has been nothing but supportive of me and my nanny. I trust Simone implicitly, knowing she has my best interests at heart, and I trust all of her advice as a result of this. She completely manages your expectations and always returns your calls promptly. I simply cannot recommend her enough if you want fantastic honest, reliable service and the perfect childcare for you.”

"I have worked with Homebodies for a number of years and out of the many agencies I have used, I find them the most professional. They take time to not only meet and know their candidates but also their clients to ensure the best possible match. Simone is always on hand with advice and incredibly supportive. A super professional agency that stands out from the rest - I can't recommend them highly enough."

If you'd like to read more, you can see all our reviews on our website.

8. We always go above and beyond

Our founder Simone puts 150% into anything she does. While looking for support with her own children, she realised how complex hiring the right nanny for your family can be. While you can easily find nannies with experience, many more factors come into play. Families have different parenting styles, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution.

Simone finds her work fascinating - she loves taking the time to understand what her clients are looking for, even when they might not yet know themselves! Often, when you start looking for a nanny you don't know what's available or what you want. Plus, you may not always know what's coming next for your child. Having brought up three children, Simone can advise parents and help them find a nanny who can grow with the family and hopefully work with them for many years.

Here at Homebodies, we aim to make the process of hiring a nanny easy, stress-free, and even enjoyable for our clients. We recognise that by employing a nanny, you're trusting someone else to work with you in a team to bring up your most precious child. And there's no other job as important as this! We genuinely love being able to match a wonderful nanny to our clients. And helping these amazing professionals find their dream jobs is incredibly rewarding.

nanny and baby girl playing with a xylophone

9. We find the best calibre nannies in London (and beyond)

Our vision is for Homebodies to continue to be the best high-end nanny agency in London for finding the best calibre nannies. This is why we only focus on full-time roles. It's because we want to attract the best high-quality candidates who will be loyal, reliable, and dependable and stay long-term.

Our thorough approach to the nanny hiring process has achieved amazing success over the years - it's our secret formula and what makes us stand out from other nanny agencies in London.

Would you like our help in finding the right nanny for your family?

If you're looking for a high-level quality service, access to top-tier candidates, and the assurance of a successful placement, we can help.

Our commitment to providing one-to-one attention, hand-selecting candidates, and offering flexibility and discretion throughout the hiring process reflects our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. If you'd like to find out how we can help you, contact us now for an informal chat.

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