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Declaration and Consent

The declaration below must be signed by all applicants before they can be interviewed by Homebodies (the “Agency”) or any prospective employers introduced by the Agency (the “Clients”):

I acknowledge that you have advised me that you may request a reference check, which may include information on my character, education, personal characteristics, and past employment.

The information provided, is true to the best of my knowledge.

The Agency is acting solely as an introductions agency and at no time will it be my employer. I am under no obligation to accept any referral or job to which I have been introduced by the Agency, and the Agency is under no obligation to procure interviews or job offers on my behalf.

The Agency shall not charge me any fee for introducing me to any Clients or if I secure employment with a Client.  The Agency may charge me for other services, but I shall not be required to use such services, and shall be notified in advance if any service offered by the Agency gives rise to a fee.

Although the Agency will endeavour to introduce me to client families as well suited as possible, the decision about whether to accept a job offer is entirely my responsibility and I understand that the Agency does not offer any warranty as to the suitability of the job or the character of the Client.

I agree that the Agency will not be held responsible for any damage or loss resulting from my employment by a Client.

I understand that I must inform the Agency of any contracts or jobs which are offered to me by Clients and I must inform the Agency if I accept a position offered by a Client.  I shall also inform the Agency if I take up a position offered by another party or if I am otherwise no longer seeking employment. 

I agree to keep all information given to me about Clients confidential.

I understand that the Agency and Clients will rely on information, which I provide on my application and in supporting documents and/or statements, which I may provide (together the “Information”). I give permission to the Agency and Clients to take reasonable measures to verify the Information.  I agree that the Agency may cancel its agreement to assist me in finding employment and/or that my employer may dismiss me immediately if any part of the Information is not true.

I have read and understand all of the foregoing provisions of this contract and I confirm my agreement with all that is contained in the contract

The agreement between the Agency and the Applicant is deemed to be accepted by the Applicant by virtue of:


- the Applicant completing the questionnaire form

- the Applicant requesting the Agency to provide details of nanny roles

- the Applicant meeting a Homebodies Client

- the Applicant accepts an offer of engagement from a Client

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