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Canary Islands and Rome

Canary Islands + Rome.png

START: 1st May 2023 (temporary - 7 months)


SALARY: Excellent gross market rate salary depending on your experience


DAYS: Monday to Friday


HOURS: 50-60 hours per week


CHILDREN: 2.5 year-old boy



This wonderful family is looking for a warm, loving, creative and fun nanny to look after a gorgeous little boy who is 2.5 years old. He is super curious, sweet, gentle, and calm, has lots of energy and is very inquisitive. He loves exploring, being outside in nature, having fun in the mud and exploring plants and seeing animals. He also loves arts and crafts, reading stories and imaginative learning.

The family are high profile and will be working in the Canary Islands for 4 months and then in Rome for 3 months. This will be for a 7-month contract until December but may be extended. They will provide separate accommodation for the nanny, and you will not be living in their home. They will also bring their dog, so you need to be comfortable with dogs, but no pet care is required.

It is essential you have experience with toddlers of 2.5 years old and feel confident to take care of the child on your own and be comfortable to work in partnership with the parents who are in the film industry. This will involve bringing him to see them on set each day for a few hours and then keeping him very active and engaged and lots of exploring.

Previous experience of working abroad and travelling with families would be a bonus so you are prepared for working away from home and being independent.


  • Basic nursery duties

  • Help to prepare or cook simple fresh healthy vegan meals for the child

  • Experience working with and developing young children with an interest in Waldorf/Steiner education

  • Professional and discreet, if you have worked with high profile families before this would be advantageous

  • Have a valid passport and be able to travel with the family, possibly to the US. The family will arrange for the nanny to return home for a few weeks and offer all benefits

  • Take the child out for daily walks to the park or playground and exploring in nature, stimulate his social development through conversation, play, music, books, art, and creativity.

Please apply if you are interested in this incredibly exciting 7-month position starting in May 2023 working abroad.

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