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Interviewing tips

Homebodies' tips for interviewing a nanny

Remember the interviewing process is a two-way process, so try to make the interviewee relaxed and ask open ended questions.

Ask questions starting with How, When, What, Why? Encourage them to also ask you questions during the interview process.

A good way to start an interview is to tell them that you have read their CV and would they mind telling you a bit about themselves.

Here are some suggested questions you can ask:

Why did they choose this role as a career?

What qualities do they have that make them good at their job?

What do they enjoy the most about their job?

What was the most challenging situation they have had to deal with in any of their previous roles?

You could discuss their approach to discipline and how they would deal with tricky situations and temper tantrums!

Find out what their favourite developmental, educational and social play activities are based on your child’s age group.

Do they consider themselves a foodie? Are they happy to cook healthy nutritious meals for the children, meal plan or follow simple recipes?

For roles with babies, can they give you examples of how you have worked with previous families to support with feeding and sleep routines.

Do they
have a preference for routine or baby led?

Are they happy to work alongside you if you are not working or do they prefer to take sole charge?

Are they happy to travel with you? You need to discuss how this will work and explain the role will be different when travelling, e.g., more flexibility required and different hours or schedules. Talk about sleeping arrangements, time off and pay during the night or overtime.

How comfortable do they feel if you are working from home and what experience do they have of this in the past? Do they have any concerns about this set-up?

For live in positions, talk about the accommodation on offer and if you have any curfews or expectations you want to set out regarding living together. Can they go home on their days off?

Discuss your role in detail - explain the duties, hours of work, holiday pay, and other benefits on offer.

Go through their CV and ask them about their previous roles and their reasons for leaving.

Hopefully it has been a great interview for both of you and you may want to ask the candidate to come back, either for a second interview to meet your child/children or for a trial period. You can arrange this directly with them or if you prefer, we can arrange this for you. Please note that you need to pay the nanny for her time doing a trial.

We believe it is very important for both sides to get a feel for each other and hopefully you will have a lovely connection in the trial!

Please keep us posted as your feedback is very important so we can get it right.

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