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The importance of reading with little ones

Reading truly is a vital skill for all to learn and the younger you are when you start to learn, the better. Being able to read on your own becomes such a huge accomplishment and a child will feel extremely proud of themselves when they achieve this. Make sure you provide continuous support and cheer your little one on when they are doing well but also help them and reassure them when they are battling and finding it difficult. There are many benefits of reading, the list is endless! Today we are going to list out top five so you can better understand why reading is so important.

1) Reading books aloud to your little one gets them to use and develop their imagination and can help them to develop and improve their vocabulary, language and listening skills. It also helps them to understand the written word.

2) Reading exercises the brain. Reading is a much more complex task for the human brain than if you were to watch TV, for example.

3) Reading will help your children to improve their level of concentration. While reading, children will have to sit still and be quiet so that they can give their full focus and attention to the story being told or read. Therefore, the more they read or are read too, the better their concentration level will get.

4) Reading is fun and a stress reliever. You can make the book you are reading even more fun for the child by getting them to draw a picture of each of the characters or at the end of the story they can retell the story with a different ending. You can also do role play and act out the story together or pretend you are the characters and ask them questions. If your child is upset or tired you can read to them as it is a peaceful and calming thing to do on a comfy sofa or in their cot or bed in the evening.

5) Reading helps your child achieve better in nursery and school. Children who are confident and good readers generally perform better across the curriculum. Reading promotes achievement in all subjects not only English.

The possibilities of what you can do to make reading more exciting and the benefits of reading are endless. We hope that you have found our reading top tips beneficial on why you should get your little ones into a routine of reading as well as getting into a routine of reading to them.

We will leave you with a lovely quote from Dr Seuss “You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”

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