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Christmas Arts & Crafts Fun

Christmas is just around the corner and what a better way to get into the Christmas spirit than doing some family fun arts and crafts. We have compiled a list of 10 different arts and crafts that you can try. We hope that you all enjoy the ideas and have fun. For more information on each activity, click on the links below.

1. 3D Christmas Tree

2. 3D Paper Reindeer

3. DIY Christmas Photo Ornaments

4. Paper Plate Santa Claus

5. Quilled Christmas Tree Cards

6. Paper Plate Christmas Elf

7. Handprint Christmas Tree

8. Rudolph Paper Craft

9. Paper Bag Angel

10. Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament

The Importance of Christmas and holiday time

We believe that Christmas is a celebration of joy. It is a special time of the year that we spend with the ones we love the most. We give gifts, have a lovely meal and enjoy each other’s company on this special day. It is a time to forgive, love and be loved. Christmas really does bring out the best in people and it truly is a time to be thankful. We know this year is a totally different Christmas and you may not be able to celebrate it as you usually would with your family. Use this holiday as a time to be even more thankful for managing to get through this crazy year that 2020 was for us all. Merry Christmas everyone!


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