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Homebodies Around London

So, it seems that we are potentially heading back into another form of lockdown but for now we still have the go ahead to visit places so, we have compiled another list for our “Homebodies Around London” blog post which we hope you’ll love. We have five places that we feel are lovely trips out with the little ones so check them out as hopefully it will give you and your family something fun to do.

1) The British Museum: at the British Museum, you have the ability to travel through time and history with your little ones with two million years of human history. Two exhibitions that are on right now are: Tantra – enlightenment to revolution and Arctic – culture and climate. If you and your family are not wanting to venture to the Museum, you can take a virtual tour on their website (link at the end).

2) Hop on Hop off Bus Tours: this is a favourite amongst many of us because it is a great way to see the whole of London without having to make the little ones walk too far. London really is a beautiful city and what better way to see it than on the top of an iconic big red bus?

3) London Sea Life Aquarium: This is a great place to visit with little ones, especially if the weather isn’t fantastic. This aquarium has the largest living coral reef in the UK, “Ocean Invaders” where you can enter the weird and wonderful world of jellyfish (UK’s largest jellyfish experience) and Rainforest Adventure where a storm has hit Sea Life and Ranger Andy needs help to unearth what lies beneath the surface in the Amazon. There is of course much more Sea Life has to offer!

4) The Peter Harrison Planetarium: There is a special show for under 7’s called “Ted’s Space Adventure”. Ted the bear takes you on an adventure around the solar system where he investigates different places and how they affect us.

5) Barnard Adventure Playground: from the 26th of October they have pumpkin carving, a spooky treasure hunt and spooky den building available, however, if not of that appeals to you, you are still able to just go and play!

Just like anyone else, we really do hope that we are able to return to normal very soon and everything will return to how it once was. Enjoy having a browse at these suggestions and enjoy your days out with your little ones!

Ps. We have checked these venues are open but please do check their website before visiting, just to make sure that there won’t be any disappointment.




3) (there is an offer of 3 attractions for £45 so make sure you check it out!)


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