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Goodbye 2020

2021…we are all desperate to say goodbye to 2020 as it has been a year no-one will ever forget. Most of us have faced so many challenges and life changing situations. We know how excited everyone is for this year to finish and to get started with 2021.

A new year means New Year Resolutions. We have been asking our nannies and parents to share their resolutions and what they want to focus on for the coming year. Here are the Top Ten resolution we want to try!

1. Walking daily – clears the head, gets the steps in and there is nothing better than fresh air

2. Healthy eating - start planning your meals. This will help you to keep organised, manage your budget better and saves lots of food waste!

3. Take time out to relax with your family and children – spend meaningful time with them and plan when to do it

4. Don’t’ frazzle your brain on your phone. Make a conscious effort to have time away from your devices, especially in the evenings or before bedtime

5. Maintain an exercise routine – try to exercise 2-4 times a week but keep it manageable

6. Meditation or breathing is so good for you and build this into your daily routine to see the impact

7. Reading books – there is nothing better than getting lost in a fantastic book. Reading before bedtime is far more beneficial than being on a screen

8. Encourage your children to help you around the house with all the different chores you have to do and maybe introduce a star chart or even some sort of rewards system

9. Plan a holiday – have something to look forward to

10. Declutter the house of anything you don’t need. Try selling some things and maybe donate the rest

“What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year”

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